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In order to transform natural stone and rock into the beautiful, shiny beautiful countertops, worksurfaces that you see in your kitchen and bathroom it has to go through a process.  This process is called stone fabrication and the engineers that do this work are called stone fabricators.  That is exactly what Rock Fabrications do. 

What we do.

Firstly we can help you choose the perfect stone for your requirements.  Each stone has benefits and our team can help you choose what is right for you. Every stone is different, even when quarried from the same quarry.   There are differences in strength and durability and our experts can help you choose what is right for you. 

We work in natural stones, quartz, marble and granite.   There is then the shade,  colour and design to choose from.  Our showroom in Kent has a wide selection of samples available to help you make your choice. 

A stone fabricator takes measurements for the project, ensuring the dimensions are correct to fulfil your requirements,   this would including making a template for the design to ensure a professional finish.  Our job is to cut and shape the stone to your exact requirements, with a really professional finish. 

The stone is then cut down to size, leaving enough extra for the polishing process.  Any additional items such as sinks, or holes for taps or hops etc will be added at this point.  The stone is then polished down to size and any additional grooves will be added in by hand.   Finally, your natural stone is washed and dried and any sealer is added. 

We then work with the project manager for your project to ensure that the natural stone is fitted at the correct time in the process. 

We can create:

  • Kitchen worktops
  • Bathroom shower enclosures
  • Bath sides
  • Bespoke Furniture. 
  • Stairs risers and treads.
  • Fireplace columns
  • Fireplace  surrounds
  • Other bespoke work. 

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