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Why You Need Bespoke Natural Stone Furniture.

Date Posted: 7th March 2019

Don’t lose your marbles

For many years the idea of having marble in your home would have conjured up images of stately mansions and cold atriums. As modern living goes it was considered more of an interior design don’t.

But maybe we should start thinking differently.

Buying marble, granite or quartz could actually be a shrewd investment for your home. Just ask Amanda Holden, she’s completely onboard with natural stone furniture.

Amanda said " Dave was an absolute star.  My table is a dream.  Excellent quality.  Beautifully finished and more than I could have hoped for.  In my experience, it's rare to find such craftsmanship and quality at such fair pricing."

Granite table Richmond, Amanda Holden

No more rings on your table tops

Most of us have been there and watched in horror as someone put a wet glass on a wooden surface, or have worried when a small child spilt their drink across the table.

Natural stone such as granite, marble or quartz provides a durable and wipe clean surface, which is ideal for family living or entertaining. Whilst it’s still polite for your guests to use coasters, bespoke stone furniture reduces the risks of unwelcome stain surprises on your prized wooden dining or coffee table.  

Timeless style

Tastes change; we’ve all made fashion and interior design faux pas in our lives. Hands up who’s bought a chunky pine table or cheap futon at some point, only to donate it to charity 5 years later when it went out of fashion/broke/just looked terrible.

If history is anything to go by, natural stone suits any décor. From modern to classical, the neutral colour palette of marble, quartz and granite means that no matter what the prevailing style, your furniture will fit. Tones of grey, black and cream go with any colour scheme.

Own something that no one else does

Every home is different and our furniture should be too. A dining table, for many, is the centrepiece in the home and should be a talking point. So why would you choose to have something off the shelf, when you can have an amazing piece designed and built for you from scratch.

Bespoke furniture enables you to create the home that you have always wanted. No more trying to fit flatpacks into a space that doesn’t suit them, instead, take the jump to buy a bespoke piece of timeless and durable furniture that is perfectly suited to your home and the people in it.

Add a touch of elegance

Natural stone doesn’t have to be heavy and ornate. With the right designer and maker, it can be subtle and elegant, breathing opulence across an interior, just with one piece of furniture. Now is the time to bring the outside in.

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