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Onyx Staircase Fitted Into Kent.

Date Posted: 18th May 2019

Onxy Backlit staircase of natural stone fitted in kent

For truly unique and showstopping finishing in your home or office, you should choose Onyx.  Onyx has an exclusive appearance and its translucent luminosity is stunning,  which makes it ideal for luxury interiors. 

Onyx can be used for kitchen worktops, bathroom vanity tops, tiles, cladding, furniture, and for a statement showpiece, it is hard to beat.   You can create a glowing effect by backlighting the onyx, and you can also use light to reflect the onyx to create different looks at different times of the day.  

Onyx does need looking after to retain it's beauty and will need to be sealed regularly to prevent staining.   Our experts will be able to give you the right advice for the stone you choose and how often you are using the surface.    It is important to use a professional when sealing onyx, as it is more specialised that sealing other stones like granite.

Onyx is a soft stone and is calcium based so any acids will damage the stone.    Acid is found in many household products and not just domestic cleaners, but also coffee, vinegar, juice and wine.  It is very important to clean the surface immediately if anything is split, as the stone is porous and will absorb liquid.   Always use a soft cloth and natural cleaning products that are PH neutral. 

We fitted this beautiful amber onyx into a house in Kent this week.   Onyx is the perfect stone to be backlit, and we are sure you will agree this particular stone looks stunning.   Rock Fabrications are master stone masons with over 25 years experience.  Our factory and showroom are based in Gillingham, Kent. 

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