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Onyx Staircase Fitted In Kent

Date Posted: 8th May 2019

We have just started work on creating some onyx stairs for a client. Onyx is a great stone as it is ultra thin so looks beautiful when it is backlit. It is super lightweight too, which means it can be used in most places.

Onyx stairs fixed in londonBacklit onyx staircase fixed in london

Bathrooms: From vanities to splash-backs to under your sinks and counters. Back-lit onyx looks really special and creates a look of luxury anywhere.

Bars and counters: Do you want to create a centrepiece for your bar or restaurant? A back-lit onyx bar or counter is a real talking point.

Fireplaces: The glow of the fire can create a really special look, these can be back-lit too.

Swimming pools: onyx throws off a yellow/orange glow, which can create a really relaxing glow in a pool area.

Stairs: They are the perfect stone for creating a really eye-catching grand entrance. Back-lit onyx looks incredible. Onyx comes in a variety of colours and each one is unique. At Rock Fabrications, we work with commercial clients as well as residential clients. If you want to create something truly special, get in touch.

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