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Making A Statement with Stone

Date Posted: 6th December 2018

Adding a stone surface to any room can make a real impact.  Here at Rock Fabrications, we work with Quartz, Marble, Granite and Limestone natural stone.  The style and colours of stones really are endless. 

Countertops and worktops for kitchens and work areas. 

Working across Kent, Essex and South East London, Rock Fabrications fit kitchen worktops and countertops into kitchens of all different shapes and sizes.   Most of the kitchen tops we install now are made of Quartz, due to its heat resistance, scratch resistance, hygienic surface. 

Working in large, commercial, professional kitchens and micro home kitchens, our service remains the same.  Once a stone has been selected, we will complete a site visit and take a template of the area we are working on to ensure a quality, professional finish.   We then fabricate the natural stone in our Workshop in Gillingham, Kent. 

We are very proud that we are able to turn around from stone selection to templating and fitting in 5 days in many cases. 


A marble fireplace is a dream for many homeowners to add a touch of class and elegance into their living area, as well as creating a beautiful focal point.    Marble is the ideal material for a fireplace or hearth as it is durable, heat and fire resistance, as well as being easy to clean. 

 Each piece of marble is unique in colour and design, making each fireplace, truly bespoke. 

Bathroom Shower Trays.

One of the latest trends into high-end bathrooms has been adding natural stone show trays.  Made specifically for you, we can custom to the correct size and shape for your bathroom. 

Marble Staircases. 

Marble staircases were traditionally seen in palaces and stately homes across the United Kingdom.    Thanks to advances in technology marble staircases are not just for the rich and famous.  Marble staircases are more affordable than ever.   Rock Fabrications is able to create stunning natural stone staircases in homes and businesses across South East England.     If you are looking to make a statement entrance into your home or place of business, a natural stone staircase can really set the tone.   Whilst Marble has a reputation as being a stone that needs a lot of maintenance and rather delicate.  It is a rock, so very tough, easy to clean and hard to damage. 


 If you have any ideas for residential home improvements or updating your commercial or office place with some statement natural stone, please don't hesitate to get in touch. contact us  

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