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Fire Quartzite Kitchen Worktop

Date Posted: 2nd November 2019

Fire Quartzite is a natural stone commonly extracted from the Morenci Copper Mine in Arizona. It is also known to be found in California and Brazil, making it a popular choice in the US and is slowly growing in popularity across the globe and in the UK.

Typically, natural quartzite is white or grey in colour, but when mixed with certain minerals, it can be a multitude of colours, but most commonly is a reddish-pink or brown in tone.


The streaks running through the stone can often be soft and subtle but are also sometimes brilliantly bold.

Nonetheless, each is uniquely stunning and can make an unusual and beautiful feature in your home or workplace.

The beautiful piece was fabricated to complete a kitchen.

Often confused for quartz, quartzite is a metamorphic rock that forms when quartz-rich sandstone is exposed to very high temperatures and is under extreme pressure from the Earth's surface.

Human-made quartz is engineered using the same crystals found in quartzite but bound together with resin, pigments and glass.

The binding process of quartz makes this material incredibly durable, and therefore, quartz is well-known to require little maintenance to keep it in top condition.

Despite being a hard stone, quartzite, however, is less dense than quartz and therefore slightly more susceptible to staining because it hasn't been through the same processing. Consequently, it requires sealing to prevent the surface from tarnishing and generally a bit more care.

Nonetheless, both stones are well-known for being non-porous, and therefore naturally more hygienic as non-porous materials are less likely to harbour bacteria. Like quartz, quartzite has excellent heat resistant qualities, so is perfect for use in your home, especially in the kitchen.

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