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Creating Bespoke Furniture For a Home In Richmond

Date Posted: 20th February 2019

We are working on completing this designer marble table for delivery to a home in Richmond, Surrey.     The stone has been templated and manufactured at our workshop in Gillingham Kent, using the latest technology also side traditional techniques. 

Marble has been considered a luxury for centuries.  Having a marble table can add timeless elegance to any home as well as a wonderful, conversation piece in any room.   Marble is also very versatile and suits almost all decor.    It can portray classic beauty and contemporary minimalism chic.  

Marble is found in a variety of colours, and each piece is totally unique.  Marble usually has veins running through it, that had to the character and beauty of the stone.   Marble looks exceptionally beautiful in sunlight as the sun picks up the natural sparkle in the stone and gives a beautiful finish. 

There are some things to consider when you are thinking about a marble table.  Marble is a soft stone, which means it is vulnerable to scratches and stains.   A good maintenance routine will ensure that it can be enjoyed for years to come.   

  • Marble will need sealing regularly.  The recommendations vary from stone to stone, however, a rule of thumb is usually every 6-12 months. 
  • Always use coasters and placemats on marble surfaces as they can scratch easily.   
  • Mop up all spillages quickly, the marble will stain easily. 
  • Clean your marble with a soft cloth and warm water, or with cleaners specifically made for marble.  Other household cleaners may dull the surfaces. 
  • Consider using a table top pad for everyday use. 
  • If you marble does get stained or damaged it is always possible to get the stone resurfaced. 

This table has been made using Calacatta Oro marble. The stone is exceptionally beautiful with veins of gold, silver and deep blue running through it.  The white background gives to perfect backdrop to these colours.   This stone could also be used on floors, walls, or kitchen worktops. 

The silver circle on top of the table is for a Lazy susan.   A lazy susan is a revolving tray that typically holds condiments or meal accompaniments.   We are collecting the base on this project from cabinet makers and will share the finished project with you very soon. 



Stone table from Rock Fabrications

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