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Agatha Black Granite With A Book Matched Finish.

Date Posted: 2nd November 2019

Agatha Black Granite is a distinctive jet-black, white and grey stone that originates from Brazil.

It has a stunning colour combination that overlaps like waves; an attractive feature when used for kitchen countertops or fire hearths.

Due to its heat-resisting properties, granite is a popular choice for kitchen worktops, as it does not damage when in contact with hot surfaces. It’s durability also means it requires little maintenance, perfect for modern family living.

Here’s a little work-in-progress, where we’ve used book matching to get this stunning surface effect.

Agatha Black Granite with Book match finish

Book matching the practice of joining stone surfaces together, so that the adjoining surfaces reflect one another. It is a practice that gets its name from the fact that the surface looks like it has been folded down the middle, like an open book.

This stylised finish provides a grand result and only further enhance the beauty of the granite stone. We can’t wait to share the finished result with you.

With Agatha black granite, the colouring is completely natural and each piece entirely unique. So, you can be sure when choosing this granite; it will be indeed one of a kind. Agatha Black granite is dark granite with waves of silver, white, and grey. Available in both 2cm and 3cm and is suitable for an extensive range of interior and exterior design projects.

With a polished finish, it creates a luxurious look, especially when partnered with either black or white units or walls and stainless-steel appliances.

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